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Palm Beach Florida - Weekly 11/10/2015



Palm Beach, Florida is a growing area of the country that has a lot to offer residents. There are usually dozens of events for people to attend. Here are some of the biggest activities and events that happened over the past week.

Thanksgiving Festivities

There are many local shops gearing up for Thanksgiving festivities as the holiday draws nearer. One thing to keep in mind is that holiday hiring will be up this year as companies attempt to make the most out of the holidays sales spike that always comes. Anyone who is looking to make some extra money to spend on Christmas this year will have plenty of opportunities to do so. In addition, Palm Beach is having several different Thanksgiving related events. These are great for residents who love to get involved in the community. Anyone who loves to interact with the local community should come out as support the local events that are going to be celebrated. There is always a lot of food and fun at these events every year.

High School Football

High school football is huge in Florida. This is the time of year for the Florida high school football playoffs. As usual, there are many teams that are great in the area. It will be interesting to watch which teams make it all the way to the Florida state championship. Over the long term, Florida is one of the best states in the country for high school football. The talents that comes out of the Palm Beach area is some of the most sought after in the country as well. Many scouts from local and national colleges will be in attendance for the playoffs in the Palm Beach area this year. If you are planning on attending some games, be sure to purchase your playoff tickets as early as possible. There is usually a high demand for tickets in the area.

University of Miami

The University of Miami is one of many schools around the country that is looking for a new football coach. Although coach Al Golden showed promise early on, at the end of the day he simply did not produce the wins that were needed to stay competitive at the University of Miami. There are many different candidates to choose from around the country. This will be an interesting coaching search to follow because the stakes are so high for the football program. Miami needs to hire a coach that can come in and start winning immediately. Local fan support is at an all time low and this needs to be turned around quickly.

Final Thoughts

Palm Beach has a lot going on during this time of year. There are plenty of local holiday related events to choose from for residents. In addition, many local businesses are looking to hire on some seasonal workers to assist with the increase in traffic. There are many new businesses popping up every day in this area. In addition, the Florida state high school playoffs are currently under way. If you are wanting to attend a local game, make sure that you purchase tickets as early as possible.